Why Is FBI Still Refusing to Release The Information it Has on S*th R*ch? Attorney Ty Clevenger Aims to Find Out.

Opinion – Speculation – Analysis –  In mid-July, Ty Clevenger filed a lawsuit on behalf of his client Ed Butowsky.  Butowsky was under attack for suggesting Seth Rich as the source of leaked information from the DNC server and not Russia.

The circumstances of Seth Rich’s murder have never been made public.  Perhaps because the FBI played some role in it. Or, is protecting those who did.

From the outset it appeared that the failure to investigate the murder of the young, idealistic, Democrat operative’s possible involvement in the DNC leak was avoided for political purposes, despite ever increasing evidence pointing to Rich.

Famed internet hacker Kim Dotcom even admitted to being Rich’s accomplice.

Yet the same intelligence community that spent three years trying to convict Donald Trump for a crime he didn’t commit, never interviewed Kim Dotcom or Julian Assange, who was the ultimate source of the DNC leaks.

Instead, Assange languishes in jail where his testimony cannot be heard.

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