FBI Put Huge Bounty on the Head of Gen Flynn

In October of 2016, the FBI offered Christopher Steele a significant amount of money to dig up dirt on General Flynn and others in the Trump campaign. If the date is correct, we seem to have proof that this was a political stunt and not a serious investigation.

Why do I say that? Because, allegedly, the FBI was “disturbed” over phone conversations he had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Such calls are normal protocol for a new administration and did not occur until after the election in November.

That means they were trying to sabotage the Trump campaign early and often, just the same way that they vote.

Shortly after the offer was made, Steele peddled a false rumor that Gen Michael Flynn had an extra-marital affair with a Russian woman. It is not known when he became aware of the rumored affair or if he just made it up in order to cash a fat FBI check.

The documents named Flynn and Carter Page by name but it was known to be an offer for anyone who could tie Trump to Russia.

Until recent releases of documents, we did not know that Steele was specifically asked to target Gen Flynn.

From The Daily Caller

An FBI agent provided Steele with a “general overview” of the ongoing Crossfire Hurricane probe, according to the IG report. The agent told Steele about the actions of George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign aide, and said the FBI had undertaken a “small analytical effort” that centered on Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Flynn.

Some FBI agents who attended the meeting questioned whether the lead agent had disclosed too much to Steele about Crossfire Hurricane, according to the IG report.

Steele was not previously known to have deeply investigated Flynn as part of his dirt-digging mission against the Trump campaign. The former MI6 officer compiled 17 memos that focused instead on Donald Trump, Page, Manafort and Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for Trump.

But two documents released in recent weeks raise the question of whether the FBI’s request of Steele has any link to the rumors that Flynn had an affair with a Russian woman.

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