Waters Calls On Democrats To Help Her Destroy President Trump: “Impeachment Inevitable”


On Friday California Congresswoman Maxine Waters stepped up her calls for President Donald Trump to be impeached saying that he has “done everything that one could even think of” to trigger an impeachment vote in the House, according to The Hill.

“I’ve always believed that if the information about this president and his involvement with Russia and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the oligarchs and the Kremlin and if we — but look at [special counsel Robert] Mueller’s report and see where he clearly defines that he’s obstructed justice, that people will increasingly come to the conclusion that impeachment is inevitable,” Waters, who serves as the chair of the House Financial Services Committee, stated while appearing on CNN.

“This president has done everything that one could even think of to be eligible for impeachment.”

Waters has been looking for cause to impeach the president since he took office, and said in January that it was “Past time for Impeachment!” And again in March that the president has “No honesty” and “No patriotism.”

“When are the people of this country going to wake up to the fact that this president is a disgusting liar, documented to have lied over 8,000 times in 2 yrs? Add to that his recent, blatant lies on our nation’s intel chiefs’ testimony in the US Senate. Past time for impeachment!” Waters said in January.

“Trump, you have screamed no collusion and no obstruction of justice so many times, trying to influence others, that I think you really believe your own lies. Just stop it. No honesty. No truth. No trust. No patriotism,” Waters said in March of this year.

However, Maxine Waters is much more aggressive about her calls for impeachment than her party leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“We have to exhaust every other remedy on the way and again use the tools at our disposal even if that means saying one possible use of this investigation might be impeachment, even though I don’t want to go to that place,” Pelosi said.

“I don’t know if Nancy Pelosi is moving closer, but I suspect the information is becoming overwhelming,” Waters responded Friday. “I’m hopeful that the American public will support impeachment.”


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