Watch: Pro Abortion Feminist Accidentally Throws Molotov Cocktail at Fellow Protesters According To Twitter Posts

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A video has circulated social media showing a feminist protester accidentally throwing a Molotov cocktail at her fellow protesters on International Women’s Day.

The woman tried to throw the missile at riot police before its trajectory proved too weak to land near its intended destination.

Following the launch of the go-to riot weapon, the small crowd, who acted as her unwitting target dispersed, with one woman’s pants catching fire.

The tweet captioned, “Pro abortion feminists in Mexico auto-Molotov themselves,” begun to gain social media traction at the time of this report.

Social media users took to Twitter to comment on the blooper video.

One commenter said: “Now they got a taste of the burning sensation babies feel when they are chemically aborted.”

While another remarked: “They are really pushing this equality hard. Why should only men in Mexico get to murder and maim women.”

While a third joked: “Threw it like a girl tbh.”

It is unclear at present where the specific protest took place.

The Guardian reported that millions of Mexican women were expected to turn out across the country to protest against so-called ‘femicide’ where women are killed by their abusive spouses.

Femicide is a hot topic in Latin America. Many criticize their country’s machismo and patriarchal structure, arguing that women are unsafe in these environments in comparison to Western countries.

Activists call for greater integration of women’s rights and harsher punishments for men found guilty of such crimes.

Other Latin American countries experienced massive turnouts for International Women’s Day marches.

The topic of gender equality has become hotly contested as Catholic social dominance wanes in favor of socially progressive thought, including a woman’s right to choose the fate of her unborn child.

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