Watch: Virginia School Demands Students Stop Flying “Offensive” US Flags from Vehicles — So The Kids Form Caravan W/ Old Glory Flying High (VIDEO)

OPINION| Mark Sidney| When I first heard stories about people being told that they can not fly the American flag … in America, I thought that the report had to be a hoax.

I know the left comes up with some pretty silly things to be outraged about, but the flag of the nation they live in and claim to ‘love' … this one I just do not get.

Apparently, this is the brave new world we live in.

People risk life and limb to get here, and then when they do they deride America, wave the flag of the nation they are fleeing and begin trying to turn the US in the exact same place they ran from in the first place. It's maddening, and quite frankly, it is insanity defined.

As you well know Virginia has seemingly decided that it wants to be the poster child or test case, for the stripping of citizens of all their God given, Constitutionally enumerated, rights.

Governor Northam has presided over one of the biggest infringements of the Second Amendment in US history and his gang of Dems are only getting bolder.

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Now it seems that a school in Virginia is traveling down the same road to tyranny as their principal reportedly told the school's students that they were not to fly the Star Spangled Banner from their trucks on the way to school.

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