The Vindmans & Sondland Were Just The Beginning, Trump **** Cans 70 Obama Holdovers From NSC

Mark Sidney| OPINION|  Finally, over 3 years since he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump is consolidating the bloated National Security Counsel.

Donald Trump was elected by people like you and I who desperately want to see the corruption in Washington DC exposed and those who have sold us out, held accountable.

This was the fundamental promise of the Trump campaign, to ‘Drain the Swamp‘.

Now, Trump has done a lot of good things and every day I am thankful that HRC is not in power and continuing to sell our nation and it's secrets to the highest bidder, however, when it comes to ‘Draining the Swamp', I think most of us wish that we would have seen more action by now.

I understand that building cases like this takes time, but ffs, it's been 3 years now, and there have been what, 5 coup attempts to date?

It is clear that the DS will not stop until Trump is dead or in prison.  There is only one solution when you face an enemy who is hell bent on your destruction: destroy them first, ideally with overwhelming force.

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It seems that the Trump admin may finally be moving to that end.

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