Absolutely Frightening Video Of Joe Biden Shows The Former Vice President And Democrat Front Runner Looking Dazed, Disoriented

President Donald Trump often calls former Vice President Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe,” but that nickname may be too kind.

A video taken after Biden swept Super Tuesday III this week showed a disoriented former vice president who appeared to forget where he was.

He had just finished giving his victory speech in his Delaware home and he continued to stare blankly into the camera.

After a moment his wife walked up to him and touched him and he appeared to be startled and then thanked her.

“Lots of people are asking, #WhereIsJoeBiden? He doesn’t know either!” the Trump War Room tweeted with the video.

It had many people on Twitter wondering where Joe Biden has been as he has been scarce since that speech.

This is a time when leaders are supposed to step to the plate, take the reigns, and be there for the American people.

Biden has sunk into obscurity, and many are rightfully wondering is his health is OK, considering his advanced age.

If he is not capable of leading then now would be the time to bow out of thecampaign and be straight with the voters.

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