Trump’s DOJ Screws The Pooch, Lets DS Hack Andrew McCabe Walk, Scot Free According To Reports

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  Just when you think the DOJ is getting turned around, back on to the right track, something like this happens and makes me wonder if anyone actually gives a crap about reforming the federal law enforcement apparatus.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

‘Andrew McCabe leaked confidential investigation details and information to the media to “advance his personal interests” then lied about it to the Inspector General.

The Inspector General released a scathing report on McCabe in April 2018 stating he “lacked candor” following his illegal media leaks.

Only Republicans get convicted of crimes in today’s Justice system.

Now, fast forward to today.  The Department of ‘Justice' has announced that it has dropped the criminal investigation of the FBI's former Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe.

McCabe's lawyers confirmed that the charges were dropped earlier today, stating that “We are pleased that Andrew McCabe and his family can go on with their lives without this cloud hanging over them.”'

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