President Trump Says “Woman Behind Him” Kept Muttering All Night at SOTU

President Trump held a huge rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday night. How huge was it? His usual overflow crowd actually had its own overflow crowd. Liberal journalist Jonathan Karl was amazed at the size of the attendance.

The Democrats held an event in the same location with practically all of the remaining Democrats and they had empty seats.

As President Trump was addressing the crowd, he began talking about his State of the Union speech, and he said he was distracted the entire time as there was a woman sitting directly behind him that kept muttering the whole night long.

Obviously, he was talking about Nancy Pelosi. It must have been like trying to speak with the cat lady from next door muttering to her pets.

“On Tuesday I delivered my address on the state of the union. And I had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly. Mumbling. Mumbling. Rawr. Rawr. Rawr. Oh. Ha. She was mumbling. Very distracting. Very distracting.”

“You know, it was very distracting. I’m speaking and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me. Angry. There was a little anger back there.”

From The Daily Caller:

“We’re the ones who should be angry, not them,” he continued. “We’re the ones who should be angry, but we proudly declared that we are in the midst of the great American comeback. Our country is stronger today than ever before.”

Vice President Mike Pence told the Daily Caller in an interview last week that Pelosi was “muttering” to him throughout the speech and “making some complaints.”

Pelosi’s antics during Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address concluded with the House Speaker standing and ripping her copy in two. Though she later explained her actions by contending there was no “truth” in it, even CNN’s Chris Cuomo praised the speech as having “celebrated what the country is about.”

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