Trump Says He Would Shut Down Twitter if His lawyers Can Find a Way

This story is pure dynamite. President Trump says that he would shut down Twitter altogether if his lawyers can find a way to do it legally.

Twitter is among the worst sites for liberal bias and have closed out accounts of the people they disagree with.

The best way to get Twitter is to charge them with multiple charges of illegal campaign contributions through the portion of the PIK (Payment in Kind) laws.

The law states that any non cash contributions cannot exceed the limit placed on campaign contributions.

They have cut President Trump’s reach by quite a lot. What is that worth to the Biden campaign? That easily tops the $2,800 limit on contributions.

Trump said:

“I tell you what, I have so much, it seems, influence over Twitter, in the sense of people wanting to go Twitter because of what I have, I have a vast number of platforms that, as you know, we have millions and millions of people.”

“I think this, if Twitter were not honorable, if you’re gonna have a guy like this be your judge and jury, I think you shut it down as far as I’m concerned but I’d have to go through a legal process to do that.”

From The Blaze

“How would you shut down an American company,” the reporter asked.

“I don’t know, I’d have to ask the lawyers, I’d have to go through a legal process,” Trump responded.

“If it were legal, if it were able to be legally shut down I would do it,” he concluded.

He went on to say that he expected litigation to challenge the executive order. Critics argue that he does not have the constitutional authority to change the laws without a vote from Congress.

The order was in response to Twitter fact-checking the president’s tweets for the first time ever with a special label on Tuesday.

While much of the criticism against the president’s tweets related to those about a murder conspiracy theory against MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, the social media platform added a fact-check link to his tweets about mail-in voting.


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