Trump Bashing Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib To Be Booted From Esteemed Position?

Opinion & Speculation of The Baish| Anti-Trump Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib of Michigan hasn’t been shy when it comes to her feelings on the President. Now, she has gotten herself into some serious trouble in her home district.

The Democratic lawmaker took the spotlight in Washington, D.C., as she cursed President Trump.

Jim Hoft tweeted a video of Tlaib earlier in June along with the caption, “This Unhinged Nutcase is a freshman Democrat serving in the US Congress. Let that sink in! @RashidaTlaib”.

The Gateway Pundit claims, “Rashida Tlaib won her primary in Michigan with a very, very slim majority, in the 30 percentile only, 31.2 to 30.2. She was able to defeat five black Democrat opponents. With only two candidates in next year’s primary next year the black candidate will likely win.”

The National Journal reported that the lawmaker won the primary despite the lack of support from the black community in her district. They are reportedly unhappy with the lawmaker’s harsh remarks against both President Trump and Israel.

Tlaib’s own dad also accused her of electoral fraud.

According to Newsweek, Fox News host Pete Hegseth, accused Tlaib of “pandering to the agenda of the terrorist organization Hamas.”

Via Newsweek:

Hegseth made the comment while he was appearing on the show Hannity in a discussion about how the discourse about the Democrats was now only focused on the policies of the group known as “the squad.”

Hegseth said that the group of prominent progressives, comprising of Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, “exposed the real agenda of today’s modern left.”

“I mean, if you look at how Rashida Tlaib talked about President Trump having a hate agenda,” Hegseth said, referring to the Michigan Democrat’s recent comments on CNN, “I could, therefore, look at her and say that she has a Hamas agenda.”

Take a look:

Could Tlaib be booted from her esteemed Congressional position?


  • Ahe should and needs to be gone. She has no respect for our President, is anti-semitic, feels good when she thinks of the Holocaust and I also heard she campaigned in districts that she wasn’t supposed to just to get votes. All the freshmen squad need to be voted out.

  • She is a disgrace to the seat she occupies and it is WAY past time she be OUSTED from the HOUSE seat for her hate-fest, vulgarity, and total obsession with foisting disparagement, lies and obnoxious commentary on the POTUS WE AMERICANS elected.

  • Michigan wake up!!! If you don’t want the US to be just like Dearborn, Michigan then Please Vote Republican in 2020. President Trump could have accomplished much much more if we had a congress that was truly a congress instead of a launching group hell bent on lynching President Trump and allowing any and all illegals into the US so they can get them to vote democrat. No American life would be safe if Democrats get what the want. You see all the democrats in congress who have been in office over 5 years is most likely a millionaire so they can afford to leave the US for a safe place to live but other 80% couldn’t afford to move out so we’re stuck living amongst the killers and thieves. So please help us all by voting Republican in 2020. Because healthcare is not free. Canadians are taxed 15% of their pay or more. Is this what you want and I’m sure it will be projected that they would tax us 20-25% if note more to help pay for this free healthcare…..I’m sorry did I say free? No such thing as free. Someone always has to pay

  • I can’t believe we have let people like these to lead our country, and if they are voted out then we the people still owe the RATS $17500.00 a year for the rest of there worthless lives. Can you believe being a bartender or load mouthed radical working for minimum wages, or letting your brother, and by the way also your husband, support you, and then being able to retire with that amount of money, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

  • Tlaib was unknown in my area until she showed up on television spewing out filthy names about President Trump. She certainly is giving Michigan a rotten name, even for a state that is very blue. She needs to have her mouth taped and warned about spewing out more anti-Trump garbage. Nobody likes her in Michigan and they resent her presence in Washington acting like a deranged nut case. Either she shuts up or she gets kicked out of the House.

  • Remove this hate filled piece of Crap from Congress at once! It has no business occupying a seat in the US Congress! I demand It be removed immediately.

  • Please find the book called, “The Barbarians Are Here.” ($12.00). It shows how they come in quietly and soon more and more group up, they then go bananas. Telling (us) who to worship, what to say and what not to say. Even what to eat. Are these subhumans for real? If I was asked to follow the dead Buddha or the dead Jim Jones, I would have told them where to go. But I wouldn’t have to, they have a day of Judgement coming soon. Japan has learned not to let them get a foothold. They learned how troublesome they are. Look at what this muslim from Michigan is doing. Nothing but trouble.

  • What does any of this have to do with representing the state of Michigan?
    Was she paying her own way or on the Michigan taxpayers $$$. Stop running your mouth and get to work!!! What has she done to EARN her salary????

  • The Squad better get their glory while they can, because come 2020 they will all be just a bad memory. That dumb bitch from Michigan got blocked from going to Israel, so that says a lot about her agenda. The Mossad checked her out completely and found out just what her true agenda is. And it wasn’t to visit her grandmother. She is nothing but a foul mouthed towel head, and Michigan should be ashamed of its self for even thinking of electing her.


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