Watch: Truck Driver Plows Through Blockade of Leftist Protestors While Blaring Motley Crue

A Confederate flag emblazoned with either an anime girl or Scoody Doo’s Daphne on the dash guided the truck through the blockade.

Dashcam footage has surfaced from Courtenay in British Columbia, Canada that shows a truck accelerating straight through a presumably illegal highway protest blockade.

In the video, protestors can be seen taking up positions on both sides of the road, holding banners.

The driver accelerates as the guitar riffs of Motley Crue’s “Take Me to the Top” blare out of the cabin windows.

A Confederate flag on the dashboard flaps in the wind as the truck accelerates through the blockade. A protester appears to briefly try to stand in the lifted truck’s path before stepping to the side and holding a banner in front of the vehicle.\

The truck unceremoniously plows through the banner and quickly leaves the protest in the rear view mirror and crosses over the highway’s grass median.

The person filming in the passenger seat yells “F*** yeah” over the crescendo of Motley Crue riffs.

According to Global News Canada, the protesters were a member of an indigenous tribe protesting oil pipelines, and the police are “investigating” the incident.

“The RCMP are investigating the actions of this driver and if anyone recognizes this truck, and can identify the registered owner please contact the RCMP,” said Cpl. Chris Manseau in an email.

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