Three Russians Sue Christopher Steele for Slander in His Steele Dossier Used By the Deep State and Democrats

Three Russians mentioned in Christopher Steele’s fake dossier are now suing the former spy for slandering their names in his dossier.

Steele, who has refused to talk to AG Bill Barr and Special Prosecutor John Durham due to his not wanting to spend the rest of his life in a federal prison in the United States, will have no choice in this matter during discovery.

Banker Peter Aven, billionaire financier Mikhail Fridman and oil tycoon German Khan – deny his claims that they did Putin’s bidding.

They are seeking damages and they want him to openly admit his dossier is inaccurate and of course, an apology.

The Daily Caller reported in early March:

“I stand by the integrity of our work, our sources and what we did,” Steele said at the Oxford Student Union.

Steele’s glowing self-assessment is in stark contrast to the findings of the special counsel’s investigation and a Justice Department inspector general’s report on the FBI’s surveillance of Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The FBI relied heavily on Steele’s information to obtain four warrants to wiretap Page. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) blasted the FBI in the wake of the inspector general’s report, accusing the bureau of submitting false and misleading information related to Page, Steele, and the dossier.

The report found that the FBI was unable to corroborate Steele’s allegations regarding Page or other Trump associates. It also said that Steele’s only direct source for information disputed much of what was in the dossier.

The Steele source’s interviews with the FBI in early 2017 “raised doubts about the reliability of Steele’s descriptions of information in his election reports,” according to the report.

The Daily Mail reports:

Former MI6 man Christopher Steele’s report on the newly elected US President in 2017 alleged he was in Vladimir Putin’s pocket and claimed he threw an orgy with prostitutes on a Moscow trip.

Mr Trump called it ‘fake news’ and blasted Mr Steele as a ‘failed spy’. Now the 55-year-old is being sued in London by three Russians named in the file and has been asked to back up the accuracy of his dossier.

They want him to pay damages and tell the world his report was inaccurate.

The trio – banker Peter Aven, billionaire financier Mikhail Fridman and oil tycoon German Khan – deny his claims that they did Putin’s bidding.

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