The Swamp Lives: New Prosecutors of Roger Stone Calls Jury Bias a Conspiracy Theory

If you thought Roger Stone was finally getting justice, you may also believe that Lucy won’t try to remove the ball while Charlie Brown tries to kick it. The four raging mad Democrats who were handling the case all quit, and it gave hope to the possibility that Stone would finally get justice. But, that was a false hope.

The new prosecution team says that the overtly biased jurors in his trial really didn’t happen and that it is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Evidently the swamp has no bottom.

Law and Crime reported:

A footnote scorchingly rubbished Stone’s concerns:

As set forth in our opposition to the new trial motion, the Government opposes an evidentiary hearing. The defense new trial motion fails to allege newly discovered evidence rebutting Juror [redacted] veracity during voir dire, and its claims that she violated the Court’s social media order is rooted in a baseless conspiracy theory. Neither Juror [redacted] nor the 11 other citizens who served on the jury should be subjected to additional questioning.

“The new trial motion should be denied on the paper,” the footnote concludes.

The jury foreperson has an active social media usage that includes hatred for Trump and retweets about Roger Stone prior to being picked for the Stone jury. Tomeka Hart, as the jury foreperson, would be able to influence other jurors as well as inject her own very biased opinion. She lied on her questionnaire, which is a felony under US law — but a conspiracy theory to federal prosecutors.



From The Gateway Pundit:


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