The Moment We Have All Been Waiting For: Team Trump Goes On Offense ‘BIGLY’ – AG Barr Looking Into Ukraine & More

OPINION| Lawrence David| Former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani was responsible for taking down the “Five Families” of New York.  Recently Mr. Giuliani has been working to build President Trump’s defense against Democrats’ charges that he was conspiring with Ukraine.

Following a Senate trial the president was acquitted.

While building the case in defense of President Trump, Mr. Giuliani announced that he uncovered evidence of massive corruption between the Democratic Party and corrupt elements within the Ukrainian government.

To defend against this eventuality, the mainstream media appears to be building a firewall around Hunter Biden in order to prevent further damage to the Washington establishment. 

Mr. Giuliani has not been deterred, and U.S. Attorney General William Barr acknowledged on Monday that Mr. Giuliani, one of America’s most recognized corruption investigators, has been giving the Justice Department reams of evidence he collected in Ukraine.

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