Study Finds 95% of Worldwide Cases of DTMNBN Could Have Been Prevented if China Had Acted Earlier

A study was conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton and took nonmedicinal methods such as travel bans and self quarantining into account.

It was their conclusion that had China come forward just two weeks sooner and that if they had, fatalities could have been down by 86%.

China has been excoriated by many for attempting to cover up its culpability in the spread of DTMNBN.

The Chinese went so far as to accuse the US military of planting the virus in China.

Will China be held accountable for their actions?

I doubt it but if it had been the United States rather than China, everyone on the left would demand trillions in compensation. The fools. Dont they realize this is the result of a political system they would love us to have under President Bernie Sanders.

From The Blaze

The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Southampton and considered non-pharmaceutical interventions such as travel restrictions and single case isolation.

Researchers found that their research model indicated that 95% of cases would have been prevented if China had acted three weeks earlier.

Intervention one week earlier would have resulted in 66% mitigation, while two weeks would have led to 86% fewer cases.

“Our study demonstrates how important it is for countries which are facing an imminent outbreak to proactively plan a coordinated response which swiftly tackles the spread of the disease on a number of fronts,” said study author Dr. Shengjie Lai.

The study also showed that the pandemic could have been far worse if China waited longer than it did to intervene.

A more recent report from the Wall Street Journal quoted a top Chinese health official that admitted that the country was not adding asymptomatic persons who tested positive to its national tally.

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