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A story enthusiast by nature for over 20 years Sonja Schmidt worked as a television Comedy Writer and Producer.

After retiring from Hollywood, she ventured into a world of politics and acting. She went on to write, host and produce her own political internet show for Pajamas Media entitled, “Left Exposed”, played the role of Michelle Obama in Laura Ingram’s comedy stage production of “The Obama Diaries”, and various other political characters in her comedy production entitled, “Ladies of the Right”. Her children’s book “Deb and Seby’s Real Deal on Global Warming” assuages fears by setting the record straight on global warming, Her upcoming book, “Left It” addresses her life, her adventures in Hollywood and how both led to her becoming the advocate for liberty she is today.

Originally from South Central Los Angeles Ms. Schmidt currently lives in Valencia, California, and hosts “Sonja Schmidt Live” a weekly podcast on politics and pop culture. Sonja Schmidt is originally from South Central Los Angeles, she went on to dance professionally domestically and internationally, and is a self-taught television writer. As a single mother she raised two-daughters who became a professional dancer/television Costumer, and the other a network television Writer/Producer/Director.

She now lives in Valencia, CA seeking to move from California (or as she refers to it as, “The Titanic with good weather.”)

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