Shows on the Range


Chuck Woolery & Mark Young

With Blunt Force Truth™: The Show, Chuck and his accomplice, Mark Young, dig deeper into current events and the issues that matter to America and the world today. Chuck and Mark deconstruct the sound bites to get to the underlying story, using facts, evidence and history. So unlike most reporting in the mainstream media, they cut to the truth of the matter – even if it hurts.


Joe Dan Gorman

Born in the hills of Eastern Kentucky and now broadcasting from the suburbs of Nashville, Joe Dan Gorman cooks up some of the wittiest and most entertaining videos on Al Gore's internet. Intellectual Froglegs is an award-winning compilation of his personal insights, rockin' tunes and news clips that will have you begging for more.

What in the World is Going On?

Rob Carson

Talk show host, podcaster, broadcaster, nationally syndicated comedy writer and cooking video host. Rob's comedy has been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show for years. 

He's a seasoned veteran with the ability to break down, analyze and inform better than anyone you've ever seen. 

Wild Bill For America

Bill Finley

Bill gives America a regular dose of common sense mixed with a teaspoon of scripture and dash historical perspective.


She's just a momma, speaking out and speaking up for the Conservative Cause!


Lucretia Hughes

Tea Party leader, NRA board member and grass-roots community builder, Lucretia Hughes brings a very unique experience to conservative discussion. 

Her shows and documentaries have breathed new life back into minority communities. Her personal firebrand and daily talk show is like none other. I guarantee it.

The Jack Alexander Experiment

Jack Alexander

As an Australian-American, Jack Alexander takes a unique look at political and social issues in today's America touching on the serious and the light-hearted alike.



Rusty Humphries

Ranked the 6th most listened to talk radio host in the USA by Talkers Magazine. Rusty Humphries has successfully integrated the online experience with on-air expertise to create one of the most interesting and entertaining podcasts in the world.

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