Shooting at Louisville Black Lives Matter Protest Captured on Video, Multiple People Shot

“Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians VI

Mayor Ted Wheeler sowed the seeds of violence by forbidding the police department to intervene with the domestic terror group, Antifa. They have had things their own way so long that they now feel entitled to commit any atrocity that comes to mind.

Violent crime is on the rise in Portland and there seems to be no end in sight. That scenario played out recently when a man was set upon by a mob of thugs.

He was sucker-punched to the ground and the mob closed in and he was curb-stomped and beaten by a large group of thugs with nothing better to do.

The bottom line is violence is not like water. You can’t just turn it on and off by turning a knob. Once it has started, it is next to impossible to stop. it was all fun and giggles as Antifa thugs attacked federal buildings housing immigration organizations, but as it has trickled down to street level, it has built up so much momentum, you can’t hope to put the brakes on it.

From The Gateway Pundit

The wild beatdown was caught on a surveillance video, which was apparently being operated by a person because the camera shifts around to keep up with the action.

We see a dude with a long stick arguing with some other dude. It appears as though the other dude may have had a small handgun. Then a bunch of dudes sucker-punches the guy with the stick (cane?). He falls to the ground as others come running into the scene. Several thugs start jumping on the guy, curb-stomping him, kicking him several times.

Another person casually strolls along and pops open the back of his minivan. It’s unclear who owns the minivan.

Eventually, enough bystanders come in to separate the gang from the bloodied victim, and they drag him to safety. Note all of the other people just standing around like it’s nothing. Also, note the girl in the BLM shirt.

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