Senator Tom Cotton Warns Communist China That A ‘Reckoning’ Is Coming

Opinion|  The entire world is at a crossroads as I type this.  Either this event causes us all to wake up and realize that it is an unacceptable national security threat to be so heavily reliant on the planet’s biggest threat to freedom, communist China, or the entire globe will suffer the consequences.

China is positioning it’s to be the world’s preeminent superpower, over taking, and likely planning to destroy and or conquer the United States, as they move on their way to global domination.

I do not think the way we ‘beat’ the Chinese government (and let’s be clear, our problems are with the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, not the people of China, for they are the biggest victims of this tyranical regime) is through a kinetic war.

The way we weaken and eventually dismantle China is by returning our supply chains to America.  I would hope that the rest of the world would do the same, however, it is hard to have a lot of hope that this will occur based on the current ‘leaders’ in Europe.

If you have read anything I’ve written, you likely know that I abhor government intervention.  However, if we are going to form governments to protect the freedoms of ‘we, the people’, we must strive to that end.

I think we need to explore policies which either require, or make it economically ineffective to utilize the cheap labor in China.  Enough of what I think about this, The Washington Free Beacon reported on what Senator Tom Cotton, the only man who was out in front of this crisis thinks:

Tom Cotton Says China Is Due for a ‘Reckoning’

As his colleagues spent January engrossed by impeachment drama, Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) was growing increasingly worried by the stories coming out of Wuhan.

At home over MLK Day weekend, Cotton pored over East Asian and medical news sources, growing more and more concerned. As the Senate resumed what he called its “partisan impeachment of the president,” he was telling his staff to start planning and was stepping out of marathon sessions to lobby the administration to take action before the virus spread.

Cotton’s self-positioning as the Senate’s first corona-hawk earned him plenty of abuse from the media. Two months on, however, as the virus burns through the country, the senator who saw this all coming could be running a victory lap. Instead, he’s kept a steely-eyed focus on combating the virus at home—and on responding to the Chinese deceit that he thinks ignited the crisis.

“As we get through this pandemic, there has to be an accounting and a reckoning for China,” Cotton told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview. “Because China, through its dishonesty and corruption, turned what could have been a manageable local outbreak into a global pandemic that will ultimately cost not only our people, but the world, trillions and trillions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives.”

Cotton has been talking about this on Twitter:

I think we are going to be learning a lot about who really has America’s best interests in their hearts as the smoke clears and we see who in the legislature is willing to man up to China and who is going to still be running defense for the communists.

We should all know well where Joe Biden stands from this clip from last year:

Pretty rich to hear Biden talking about corruption … isn’t it?

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