Senate And White House Reach Bipartisan Deal On Nearly $2 Trillion Emergency Relief Package

The United States Senate and the White House reached an agreement on the stimulus bill early Wednesday morning.

It was too late to conduct seeing as it was about 1am in the morning, so that vote will probably occur later in the day on Wednesday.

That means the two trillion dollar stimulus bill will move on to the House where Nancy Pelosi is in huge trouble.

If she supports the Senate bill, the far left of her party could go on the warpath. If she opposes it, she could be signing the death warrant for the Democratic party in 2020.

The third possibility is that she could allow amendments from her own stimulus bill onto the Senate version. That too could end up being a nightmare for her party as voters being hurt by her delaying of aid could turn the election into a rout. The president would never sign off on the bill.

White House Legislative Affairs Director Eric Ueland said:

“Ladies and gentlemen we are done. We have a deal. Much of the work on bill text has been completed and I’m hopeful over the next few hours we’ll finish what’s left and we will circulate it early in the morning.”

From The Daily Caller

The text is set to come out later Wednesday. Two GOP Senate aides told the Daily Caller there was no way the vote would happen Tuesday night, as many expected it would. North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows was on Capitol Hill late, telling reporters the deal will happen “very very soon.”

This comes as the Senate again failed to pass a procedural cloture vote Monday. The vote was 49-46. Republicans needed 60 yes votes to pass the vote. On Sunday night the Senate tried to pass a cloture vote but failed 47-47 as no Democrats would jump on board. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Sunday that the bill would include $75 billion for hospitals and that two-thirds of all new money in the bill would go to states, however, this vote will likely end consideration of this bill.

Pelosi’s coronavirus bill is 1,119 pages and contains provisions including, “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections,” bailing out the postal service, requiring early voting, same-day voter registration, requiring the airlines to fully offset their carbon emissions, gives you chance to look up greenhouse gas emissions from the flights you want to take, and much more that have nothing to do with helping solve the crisis at hand.

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