The Saddest Thing You Will Ever See From A Politician, Joe Biden’s Campaign Should Be Over After His Disastrous And Embarrassing Briefing On Coronavirus

The jury has returned. The verdict is in. Former Vice President Joe Biden is not ready for this moment in American history.

A video emerged on Monday, as Biden crawled out of whatever hole he was hiding in, showing a disoriented Biden (again) struggling for words.

He was giving a coronavirus briefing, after a week of Democrat voters and supporters of President Donal Trump, asking where he had been.

Well wherever he was, he should have stayed there because this briefing did not do a thing to make anyone believe that he is capable of leading a nation in distress.

Biden did the briefing from a makeshift studio in his Delaware home and it was beyond bad.

And then, believe it or not, it got worse. He was visibly asking for help with his right hand as he stumbled and struggled to find his words.

“WATCH: Joe Biden stumbles, loses his train of thought, and has to signal to staff that he needs help,” the Trump War Room tweeted.

At this point it is sad and cruel to allow this man to continue a campaign for president and his family should step in.

Can anyone, after watching that and his other videos, believe for a second that this man is capable of being President of the United States?

And particularly to be President of the United States at a time when leadership through an international crisis is needed.

And what is more is that Biden’s team gave a horrid excuse as to why he was not giving brieifings for an entire week to begin with.

“The bottom line is that everything from providing better access to where I physically live and be able to broadcast from there, as well as our headquarters is underway. We’ve hired a professional team to do that now,” Biden said to reporters.

“It’s a little above my pay-grade, as to how we do that, but that’s desperately what we’re trying to do because I want to be in daily or at least you know significant contact with the American people and communicate what I would be doing what I think we should be doing and how we should be doing it, but I promise you, that’s on the way, hopefully, God willing, by Monday,” he said, ABC News reported.

“A source with knowledge of the campaign said Biden’s team is working on scaling up that infrastructure and dealing with the realities of Biden’s Wilmington Home, like the fact that there aren’t particularly high ceilings, which can make lighting a challenge,” ABC News said.

The nation is in a perilous situation, people are looking for leadership, and Biden is worried about having cinematic lighting.

Quit now Joe.

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  • This is at a point where he is no longer doing this, the people around him are doing it to him, shame on them. I was never in favor of his politics, but those around him are terrible for doing this to him. He is incoherent, and they are still around like a 6 year old with a new pony!


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