Republican Governor Forced From Office By Soros Funded DA Is Cleared of All Charges

Eric Greitens, who was forced to resign after Soros backed DA, Kim Gardner filed false charges against him.

Gardner had charged him with taking a picture of the woman he was having an affair with in the nude.

Greitens had denied the charges and so did the alleged victim. The charges were dropped amid findings of over prosecutorial misconduct.

Gardner refused to let St. Louis police investigate the matter and she hired a private detective by the name of William Tisaby.

Tisaby is now facing criminal charges for perjury and evidence tampering. During the investigation, Gardner met only with Tisaby and an unnamed George Soros operative.

Greitens could have survived a trial but he was about to be impeached by the Republican legislature, so he opted to, resign instead.

He still faced ethics charges. But, their investigation is over and they have given him total exoneration.

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