VIDEO: Rep. Ratcliffe Gets Failed FBI Chief Chris Wray to Admit FBI Tampered with Evidence and Conducted Illegal Surveillance on Trump Admin.

John Ratcliffe is a bulldog and when he sinks his teeth into something he is likely to come out as the winner. He has a certain knack that allows him to get witnesses to rat themselves out and it was no different when he went after FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Earlier last year, Wray denied that the FBI had done anything wrong and that they had conducted an ethical investigation.

Now, the IG report is out and it is damning to the FBI and Reo Ratcliffe tore into him and forced him to admit that FBI had lied and tampered with evidence in an effort to make it look like Trump had done something wrong.

They used the debunked Steele dossier to get four FISA warrants on Carter Page, which they used to spy on Trump.

The Russian Collusion hoax will go down in history as our largest political scandal of all time. We just have to wait for AG Bill Barr and US Attorney John Durham to complete their work and hope that the guilty are finally punished. Not as revenge but as deterrent for future generations of the Deep State.

From The Gateway Pundit

The cocky FBI Director delivered a unemotional and unconcerned response to the accusations in the IG Report that confirmed the FBI was spying on the Trump Campaign, his transition team and the Trump administration.

This spying took place based on lies that Trump was colluding with Russia. The FBI knew this was not true before they pushed a warrant to spy on Trump in 2016 and later in 2017 after his inauguration!

No one has been criminally punished for this attempted coup — the greatest political scandal in US history!

During last week’s testimony Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) questioned Wray about the FBI’s illegal surveillance on the Trump campaign and administration using FISA warrants based on lies.

What is most shocking is that Chris Wray does not seem concerned at all that the FBI was using the tools the government uses on terrorists to spy on the US President and his administration!


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