Rep. Collins Calls For Recusal Of Georgia Dirty DA – Demands Fair Trial For Policemen!

Let me tell you a story about a crooked District Attorney In GA.

There was a drunk man passed out in a Wendy’s drive-thru, questioned by police officers, who failed a field sobriety test, resisted arrest, wrestled on the ground with 2 officers, took a taser from one of the officers, ran from the officers, while running turned back shooting the taser missing above their heads, compelling one of the police officers to shoot back in self-defense. The man received aid from the officers but the man, 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks, passed away.

The above story is tragic on multiple levels, but compounding this tragedy is the subsequent actions of Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, District Attorney, Paul L. Howard Jr.

Within a few days after the shooting, the Wendy’s was destroyed during the rioting. With mounting pressure for “justice” and before the police department’s formal investigation was completed, DA Howard, called a press conference to announce 11 charges were filed against former police officer Garrett Rolfe – including felony murder.

Why a rush to judgment, without all the facts and with the possible sentence of capital punishment?

As I wrote in a previous article there a few things going on that might explain everything. DA Howard Jr. is in the middle of tough re-election and a criminal investigation into city money abuse is underway. As the dust has settled a bit, more and more people, including a US Congressman, are speaking out.

From Fox News

The Fulton County, Ga., the district attorney who charged former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe with murder seems to be more concerned about politics than he is about justice, Rep. Doug Collins, R-Ga., said Sunday.

Collins asserted that the Atlanta District Attorney, who is facing a criminal investigation and a primary runoff to remain in office, allowed his personal issues to determine the charges against the fired officers involved in the fatal shooting of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks.

“In our country justice is supposed to be blind to … race, socioeconomic conditions, and also supposed to be blind to politics,” Collins said.

“Paul Howard is in the middle of a reelection campaign, a runoff, he goes out and charges these officers but he does so before the investigation … from the GBI’s actually done. This is not about justice. This is about politics, about reelection, and it needs to be addressed and he needs to step aside so the attorney general can appoint an independent prosecutor to actually find justice in this case.”

Responding to Collins’ calls for Howard’s recusal, Atlanta Attorney General Chris Carr tweeted that his “office can appoint another prosecutor if a DA disqualifies himself/herself or a court disqualifies him/her.”

Only time will tell but I am doubtful the DA will step down, liberals don’t walk away from power, but am hopeful justice will prevail against all odds.


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