Purdue University Takes A Stand Against Liberal SJW Mob, Refuses to Ban Chick-fil-A

Oh, we love it when the good guys stand up to the liberal outrage mob.

That’s what happened recently, when Purdue University refused to cave, and said they will not ban Chick-fil-A from their campus.

Let this be a lesson…Conservatives must realize that the outrage mob really doesn’t have a lot of power.

Sure, they can make a lot of noise online, make calls, and maybe hold a protest or two – but beyond that, the mob has no real staying power. So, when conservatives give in and cave to the mob, they’re allowing a very small group of people to set the agenda for the masses.

That’s why companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Gillette have lost so much money by trying to impress the mob.

Purdue University officials have rejected faculty calls to block a proposal to install a Chick-fil-A franchise on campus.

According to a local news report, administrators at Purdue University are fighting back against pressure to cancel plans to build a Chick-fil-A restaurant on campus. Student and faculty protesters at universities around the country have fought against Chick-fil-A’s expansion onto campuses over the popular fast-food restaurant’s Christian values.

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Purdue released a statement on Friday revealing that students have “long-requested” that the university bring Chick-fil-A to campus. Moreover, the statement notes that the Chick-fil-A franchisee, a female Purdue graduate, was asked to sign a statement of “equal access and treatment” in exchange for permission to sell Chick-fil-A food on campus.

While we respect and protect the rights of all to express their opinions at Purdue, this clarification is intended to reassure our students and others that this long-requested dining option will not be taken from them and to dispel any impression that Purdue would ever seriously consider such an action. [Breitbart]

It only makes sense that schools, and neighborhoods would welcome Chick-fil-A, after all they were recently awarded the coveted status of being America’s favorite fast food restaurant – for the fourth year in a row. Wow! America loves Chick-fil-A!

For the fourth year in a row, Americans have chosen a chicken chain over burger places as the country’s top spot for fast food.

Chick-fil-A has been named the top quick-service chain in the country, according to the American Customer Service Index (ACSI), which uses feedback from almost 23,000 consumers to compile its rankings each year. [Today]


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