President Trump – Is Taking Another Big Step To Stop Immigration

President Trump shares he will updating his previously issued Executive Order, sometime next week. One of the sacred cows of the globalists, GOP RINOS, Koch Brothers, Silicon Valley, and US Chamber Of Commerce, are H1B VISAS which have been off-limits. The President is adding more teeth to an existing order which halted legal immigration from employment-based green card categories and extended family green card categories while exempting all temporary visa worker programs, such as H-2A, H-2B, and H-1B, from the pause.

During an interview with Fox News’ John Roberts on Saturday evening, Trump said reducing immigration by halting foreign visa programs is a “common sense” approach to the nation’s mass unemployment problem caused by the Chinese coronavirus crisis.

I think it’s going to make a lot of people very happy,” Trump said of his plan to expand his current executive order that halted new employment-based green cards from being issued to foreign workers.

With over 30 million Americans on unemployment and unable to find work, the idea of allowing hundreds of thousands of more foreign workers to legally enter the US job market is anti-American, but not all politicians agree.

During the economic boom late last year up to February 2020, politicians such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio(R), Utah Senator Mike Lee(R) and even the White House were pushing for and moving forward with increasing the number tech workers on H1B Visas, primarily from China and India.

The general public, who typically don’t concern themselves with Silicon Valley and other tech cities VISAS expressed a need to stop them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Breitbart 

President Trump’s plan has overwhelming support from overall Americans and, specifically, from swing-state voters.

In April, nearly 80 percent of Americans said they wanted immigration halted to the U.S. during the crisis and amid mass unemployment. This month, majorities between 55 to 85 percent of voters in ten swing states said they want less immigration at the moment.

From Breitbart

“Trump said there will be “very little” exemptions in the expansion of the order, and hinted that he may take further action in the future to cut more immigration.”

“Very little exclusion and they’re pretty tight,” Trump said. “And we may even go very tight for a period of time.”

“As Breitbart News reported, Trump is expected to sign the expansion of the order within the next week. The expansion will halt new foreign workers arriving in the U.S. to take jobs on H-1B visas, H-2B visas, J-1 visas, and L-1 visas.”

This is a great decision and opportunity for Americans to land jobs with companies like Amazon, Google, or Apple.  With the advancements of AI & Robotics, there may not be a need for these VISAS in the future as the new economy’s real employment needs are determined.

This a great time to remind those of you with kids in middle school and up to discuss the great option of completing their education in STEM; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, including Computer Science. A sure way of equipping them for the jobs of the future.


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