President Trump Goes For Ilhan Omar’s Achilles Heel: “There’s A Lot Of Talk About The Fact That She Was Married To Her Brother” (VIDEO)

Opinion| Before departing the his residence, The White House, for a massive rally in North Carolina, President Trump took a few minutes to talk to reporters.

As you may have suspected, the President made some remarks that had heads exploding on the left side of the isle.

Inevitably, Mr. Trump was asked about his recent Tweet storm which attacked the dangerously radical Democratic freshwoman Congressional contingent, know as “The Squad.”

As we expected, the President stood his ground, refused to apologize and then doubled down.

President Trump proceeded affix is political bayonet and charge Rep. Ilhan Omar (metaphorically speaking): “There’s a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother.”

After a lot of time researching the issue, Elder Patriot strongly believes that there is some substance to the allegations that Trump echoed.

If you want to know what Trump is talking about and see the evidence that we have collected about the allegations that Omar was married to her brother, you can do so HERE.  It should be noted that Omar has not been proven guilty in a court of law and, just like every other American, is innocent until such time.  Because of this we want to acknowledge Trump’s use of the word “fact” (which he quickly corrected.)  We do not know these allegations to be fact, although we do suspect them to be true based on the evidence contained in this article.

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  • Not only is Omar not her real name, and not only did she marry her Brother, she was also married to another man and not only that she has some white Boyfriend. She also filed tax forms with 2 men at the same time and if that’s not enough she also scammed money from her campaign funds for her won personal use which is illegal. SO WHY CAN’T WE GET RID OF HER AND HER OTHER FRIENDS THAT ARE DOING MOST OF THE SAME THINGS EXCEPT FOR MARRYING THEIR BROTHERS OR GRABBED A NEW NAME INSTEAD OF THEIR REAL NAMES.

  • Duncan Hunter and his wife have been charged with misuse of campaign funds. Why hasn’t Omar? Oh, she is a democrat, that is why.


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