Portland Has Fallen: Videos Show Antifa Savagely Attacking Cops, Police Retreat and Take Cover

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  If you are reading this, odds are that you are well aware of the danger to our nation, the rule of law, and the physical health of anyone who is not a radical totalitarian communist that Antifa poses.

The ‘Antifa', or ‘Anti Fascist' movement is one of the most ironic occurrences in the modern age.  Fascism, according to Bing, involves ‘(in general use) extreme authoritarian, oppressive, or intolerant views or practices.

‘Intolerant views' … So, let me get this straight, the crazed mob, wearing all black from head to toe, faces covered with masks, weapons in hand, who physically assaults anyone who has political, social or religious views with which Antifa disagrees … are ‘anti-fascists.'

That is as absurd as saying that HRC is a patriotic stateswoman who values human life, or that Jeffery Epstein was a woman's rights activist.  Everyone and anyone paying attention to Antifa must see the absurdity of this movement of violent, spastic betas, hiding behind masks and engaging in gang violence, usually against a victim who is all by themsleves.

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