People Are Removing The Inside Of Their Ears As Part of Bizarre New Trend – So Gross!

People Are Removing The Inside Of Their Ears As Part of Bizarre New Trend – So Gross!

Opinion | Here is the newest trend of self-mutilation and it is completely disgusting… and just plain dumb!

This trend called “conch removal” has gone way too far. I’m pretty confident that God designed our ears the way he did for a reason. I could imagine this having some permanent affects on your hearing.

Conch removal is a “body modification,” or as I say, self-mutilation trend where people get the middle “conch” area of their ears cut out.

What is the point of this procedure?? Well… uh, to look cool? Yeah, that’s it, they think it looks cool. Overstretched earlobe holes are played out, this is the new thing.

Check out the guy’s Facebook post who did the procedure:

Chai Maibert says that he thinks it’s a trend that will eventually catch up. Let’s hope, for the sake of humanity, that it does not.

The comment section of his post is hilarious! This is what some people had to say:


Go to the comment section if you need a good laugh, these are only a few of the hilarious reactions to a “conch removal.”

There are actually other people out there who had this procedure done on their ears. Here are some of the “partial conch removals” I’ve seen floating around the internet. Though, the dude above is by far, the worst one I’ve seen.


Well… There ya go! And please, please, please don’t trust a “body modification practitioner” with medical advice! Go to an otolaryngologist!

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