Pelosi’s Scam Blown Wide Open After She Attacks Barr, Americans Remember When Obama’s Henchmen Broke The Law With Impunity

OPINION| Lawrence David| Lying has become the modus operandi of today’s Democratic Party.  

After eight years of feeding from the Obama crime syndicate’s trough, they have become so bereft of policy prescriptions, that aren’t filled with pork and graft,. that the only thing they have left is to lie to their dwindling voter base about their opponents.

Lying about policy, their own integrity, and the character of their opponents.  

Remember, political parties are private corporations that exist solely to enrich and protect themselves.  It is within that backdrop that Democrats declared war against Donald Trump…

… And today, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused Attorney General William Barr of lying without offering the slightest proof.  

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