Pawn Star Rick Harrison Comes Forward, Absolutely Destroys Barack Obama’s Legacy

Pawn Star Rick Harrison has never been overly political. The hardworking reality TV star likes to play his cards close to his chest. But now Harrison has broken his silence about former President Barack Obama, as World Politicus is reporting.

And Harrison doesn’t have good things to say about Obama, not at all.

Harrison owns Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and he’s a popular TV star. He works hard to put food on his family’s table and according to him Obama made that much harder. According to Harrison, the hypocrite Obama made it “literally a nightmare” to run a small business.

“The effect of the eight years of Obama is finally showing up.” Harrison said, criticizing the mainstream media for its malicious attacks on President Trump.

If you believe the fake news media, Obama was a “bipartisan” hero who did an amazing job as President. However, Harrison has a reality check for anyone who believes that.

“We had .7 GDP [growth]…in the last quarter, and if you figure GDP the way we did four years ago, that would be negative growth. Four years ago…they decided all research and development [suddenly] goes into the plus column instead of the expense column and…it was a way the administration actually boosted up GDP,” Harrison explained.

In other words, Obama’s folks cooked the books. They lied to make the economy seem better than it was and now the impact is hitting.

Harrison wants Trump to get rid of Obamacare and keep doing the great things he is doing cutting regulations and working to lower taxes.

What do you think about Harrison’s comments? Is he on the money or is he just trying to pawn off economic problems on President Obama?


  • “Figures lie and liars figure…”
    The government “spin doctors” can make the numbers say anything they want, but the average business and the American consumer are still taking it in the shorts…

  • He’s not saying anything new we have been saying the same thing for 8 months. Why even post this

  • I agree with Harrison for the most part on Obama Osama like Saddam’s relative LoL ? but this guy Mr Harrison hey guy no offense Rick you’re not struggling never really have your dad set you up on a golden spoon you’re a millionaire born into it. Work hard to put food on the table? You don’t know what the hell struggling is no offense you ain’t changing majority of people’s opinions unless their lost delusional unaware of truths facts reality.

      • Despite the BILLIONS mr. sorrows spent on Americanizing him, the Sr. Ayers did a lousy job! Should have alerted him that Hawaii was the 50th state, NOT the 57th, and he wasn’t even BORN there! His momma brought him to America after he was delivered by his grandma in her African shack! He looked NOTHING like his alleged daddy and more like FM Davis! At the time he was suppose to have been born in the USA, Hawaii had been a US State # 50 for about 2 years. People came from all over the world to have their children born in the U.S via Hawaii! In fact, the striped suits decided it would be a good way to make a boat load of cash if they started selling; “Certificates of Live Birth”! It required NO proof of birth, just a witness, preferably a family member to SWEAR a live child was born to A & B in a certain place, in the state of Hawaii! It was NOT a Birth Certificate, which had to be signed by the Physician, parents, witnesses and recorded in the nearest Court House! Which would have been on Oahu, Honolulu Court House! It has never been found, because it was not recorded! The computer-drafted one left out a few details and inserted a few more, which the goggle eyed ‘sorrows’ puppets and BOUGHT Politicans ate all up! Especially Nancy his bosom buddy! The sorrows cartel, et al, was suppose to clean ALL information about his communist family, his childhood, and his many years spent in Russia from the internet, but archives leave a trail if you dig deep enough! What was so funny, the computer-drafted COLB had more mistakes in it than Bidens script writer! FIRST of all, according to the birth number of his COLB and the NEXT live birth two hours later, there would have had to be almost 400 births at that hospital! The NEXT birth # was a set of twins born the next day! The only births of the entire day! Another hilarious error was; The Registrar who “signed” the COLB was named U. Q. Le’ Lee! He had an awesome sense of humor! The saddest part of it all, not a single one of his family members were alive when he became the Puppet President for the ages! The dear lady who was getting ready to admit her part in the computer drafted version when she met with a terrible accident! She was invited to join seven others in a Cessna 310, piloted by a seasoned pilot who know the Island well! The plane went down in the Pacific not too far from shore, floated over to a coral reef, in about 8 feet of water! Everyone survived but one person! There was no mention of the demise of this dear lady, no family survivors, no obituary, etc.! So sad! Pele sure revealed his anger over some of the nefarious events that happened which the beautiful people of Hawaii had nothing to do with! Other than THIS; I have no opinion!

    • It will take years to find all the damage HuSatan Obama has done to this nation. Easily THE WORST EVER!!!

  • Much like the Clinton ‘Balanced Budget”. Take the money from SS and Medicare, roll it in the general fund and you have a balanced budget. Now if the Dems would return that money and the money taken for the JFK/LBJ war, maybe we could reduce this national debt a little.

  • Obama? Lie? Never! Now his teleprompter, never trust those producers that feed the teleprompters.

  • Democrats want to punish SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, they want to confiscate wealth, guns, and property; claiming that it is NOT PERSONAL PROPERTY. “You didn’t build that” is their MANTRA and “the government will take care of you” is their RATIONALE. However, they are not the “government” the “government” is not in Washington DC, the PEOPLE, who the Democrats want to shaft, is the government and those representatives WORK for them. Those Democrats running for president in 2020 want to RULE, think about that and just because you vote Democrat regardless, do those people really represent an ideology that is acceptable as any AMERICAN????????


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