Ocasio-Cortez Says She Wants To Address Rumors About 2028 White House Run — Doesn’t Rule It Out

AOC felt the need to address the rumor that she is running for president in 2028. Why, I have no clue.

Even my more rapid liberal friends no one has ever suggested her for president.

When I think of a world where AOC is president I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. She needs t worry that she will be out of politics by 2028.

Maybe 2020 and almost certain in 2022 when her district could be eliminated.

She claims that people are always bringing up the subject but the only reason I can see people following her is out of morbid curiosity. It’s like following a drunk driver to see what he or she crashes into.

AOC said:

“I think what’s really important is that we have a lot of work that we need to do right now. And I want to like level with all of you: I’m not a person that aspires to position. I aspire to a mission.” (RELATED: Ocasio-Cortez Rebuffs ‘Fact-Checkers,’ Says The World Ending In 12 Years Was ‘Dry Humor’)

“We have a lot of issues in our country right now and we need to address those issues.We can’t swing from one savior to another, and there is a lot of saviorism [sic] in politics, like whose next, whose gonna save us.”

From The Daily Caller

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday night addressed rumors that she may run for president in 2028.

The New York Democrat said in an Instagram live video that “people” keep bringing up “the future, like 2028, like blah blah blah.”

AOC addresses rumors that she plans to run for president in 2028 and doesn’t rule it out… pic.twitter.com/zOX4bV0VLe

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJH

Ocasio-Cortez told her viewers, “The answer is you, the answer is people.” (RELATED: Time Magazine Claims Ocasio-Cortez’s Staffers ‘Stiffen’ In Fear At Knocks On Her Door)

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