Obama’s White House Photographer Souza, Goes Too Far In Tweet To Trump: “F*** you potus”, Deletes Account

Opinion|  When it comes to hate for President Trump and the MAGA movement there seems to be no bounds.

Perhaps this photo illustrates the TDS phenomenon better than any image in existence:

Trump Derangement Syndrome has permitted even the highest levels of the left, including former President, Barack Hussein’s, official White House photographer.

Here is a picture of Mr. Souza with then President Obama:

via Twitter avatar

The former White House employee, who likely had constant contact with, then President Obama, tweeted the following on Saturday:

“Am I allowed to say “f*ck” on Twitter? F*ck you potus. You’re a pathetic human being.”

Twitter Screenshot

The Gateway Pundit was one of, if not the, first to report on the unprofessional and embarrassingly raw tweet:

‘The episode is another example of the potentially violence inducing hatred expressed by senior Obama officials against President Trump in the *****-19 C****** c********** crisis.’

Souza’s swearing at President Trump was an instant hit with the Resistance crowd, garnering over 76,000 likes and almost 9,000 retweets in about five hours after posting at 4:21 p.m. EDT. Souza’s tweet has the apparent approval of journalist Soledad O’Brien.’

Jim Hoft’s The Gateway Pundit, went on to state that Mr. Souza’s Twitter account, which was ‘verified’, was opened in January 2017, following the inauguration of President Trump.

This morning his Mr. Souza’s account was apparently deleted.  When we attempted to access it, we found this message from Twitter:


We will monitor the account and provide you with any updates as to it’s status and future tweets, if the account is reopened.

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