Obama, Biden Veterans Slam Pelosi’s Coronavirus Bill: ‘Have We Learned Nothing?’

While it is true that Republicans have been mocking Nancy Pelosi over her faux stimulus bill, they weren’t the only ones.

Members of the Obama administration got into the act as well. They asked why the Democrats learned nothing from 009 and the Obama stimulus that looked a lot like Pelosi’s. Both bills contained a lot of the liberal wish list rather than what the country needs.

Obama claimed that the stimulus would create millions of permanent high paying jobs in the renewable energy field. In 2010 the Republicans won 63 House seats and six Senate seats. By the way, the millions of jobs never materialized.

In fact, much of the money went down the drain over clean energy.

Remember Solyndra? Countless other green companies folded as well.

Large contracts were handed out from the stimulus package that for some odd coincidence went to big backers of Barack Obama in 2008. Very little of the stimulus did anything for the economy and we paid for it for the next eight years. The entire package was a total bust.

From Fox News

“Have we learned nothing?” Jared Bernstein, who worked on the Recovery Act as chief economist to former Vice President Joe Biden in the Obama White House, said during an interview with Politico.

Bernstein’s comment refers to the drubbing Democrats took in 2009 after the passage of the stimulus bill in response to the recession.

The bill originally included a laundry list of items that Democrats wanted that had little to do with helping the country’s economy recover — from putting sod on the National Mall to preventing sexually transmitted diseases — and some former Obama staffers say that the House’s current bill looks surprisingly similar in terms of demands and spending.

The House legislation wants to allocate $25 billion to the Postal Service, $11 billion worth of debt forgiveness and $15 billion in new borrowing authority. The bill is also seeking a bailout of underfunded multi-employer pension plans that coal miners, Teamsters and other labor groups have been pushing for, as well as a $10,000-per-borrower reduction in student loan debt.

“Skimming it, I was struck by: ‘What does all this s— have to do with anything?’” an unnamed Obama White House veteran said.

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