Obama Appointed Judge, On Power Trip, Goes For Trump’s Jugular Regarding Putting Citizenship Question On Census. No Question, Print The Census

Kirsters Baish's Opinion| An Obama appointed Judge, Jesse Furman, signed an order on Tuesday that would permanently block the Trump White House from putting their proposed citizenship on the 2020 census.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Last week President Trump announced during a presser from the White House Rose Garden that he will stop fighting to put the citizenship question on the 2020 census and will be collecting the data through other means.

Judge Furman’s order will stop administration officials “from including a citizenship question on the 2020 decennial census questionnaire; from delaying the process of printing the 2020 decennial census questionnaire after June 30, 2019 for the purpose of including a citizenship question; and from asking persons about citizenship status on the 2020 census questionnaire or otherwise asking a citizenship question as part of the 2020 decennial census.”

According to the order, Furman, who was appointed by Barack Obama, will have the power to enforce the order “until the 2020 census results are processed and sent to the President by December 31, 2020,” the Hill reported.

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The letter bring up an executive order the was put into place by the President last week which prompts all federal agencies to “provide records relating to citizenship to the Commerce Department, after determining there was ‘no practical mechanism for including the [citizenship] question on the 2020 decennial census,'” according to the Hill.

The Hill further reports that “Furman had initially ruled against the question's inclusion on the 2020 census, an order upheld by the Supreme Court last month. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in last month's 5-4 decision that the reason for the question’s inclusion — enforcing the Voting Rights Act — was “contrived” and blocked it from appearing on the census for the time being, unless officials provided a rationale in line with the evidence in the case.”

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