Newly Released Email Shows Dirty Cop Peter Strzok Bragging About Pinning Bogus Logan Act Crimes on General Michael Flynn

In the most recent email release, we find out that Peter Strzok actually bragged about going after Gen Michael Flynn over a violation of the Logan Act.

The email was sent after the early January  2017 meeting in the White House about Gen Flynn.

In his notes, Strzok noted that Joe Biden had brought up the possibility of using the Logan Act to go after Flynn.

Notes from that meeting make it perfectly clear that both Joe Biden and Barack Obama were personally involved in the decision to go after Flynn.

Obama told the FBI to make sure they had the right people on the case.

On the calls between Flynn and the Russian ambassador, James Comey told the group that the calls looked legit, but they decided to proceed anyway.


Strzok brags:

And because I am so awesome CRS piece on the Logan Act from 2015.  All the legislative history they cite does not involve incoming administrations.

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