Lead Mueller Prosecutor: US Attorney Appointed To Flynn Case A Ruse To Investigate Comey, McCabe, and Strzok

Robert Mueller’s first pick to run his phony Russian collusion witch hunt investigation against Donald Trump was Andrew Weissmann, the supposed “pit bull’ for Team Mueller, a known crooked prosecutor who has in the past withheld exculpatory evidence, violating the Brady Rule, has lied and fabricated stories,  done pretty much anything to win a case.

He even had a case overturned 9-0 by the US Supreme Court… Do you know how hard it is to get those nine people to agree on anything?

He has had a career loaded with unethical behavior and manipulation.

On paper, Weissmann’s credentials are impressive, but his actions over the span of his career have misled jurists, manipulated the legal system, intimidated innocent people, and led the Special Counsel team in an unprecedented effort to remove an innocent president.

So, Weissmann recently said that the outside prosecutor that Attorney General Barr recently picked to take a second look at the case against retired Lt. General Michael Flynn is just a ruse to investigate President Trump’s enemies.

Only in the mind of a crooked lawyer could the idea of the DOJ looking into possible corruption among their own could be corruption in itself.

Weissmann probably has a thousand skeletons buried around Washington, DC, and he wants to get ahead of his own culpability or to flesh out where the DOJ is headed with these investigations by shaking some trees.

Weissmann said the DOJ swapped out the “loser case” of Andrew McCabe, who was just relieved to hear he wasn’t going to be charged for allegedly lying to investigators about authorizing media leaks, for a new investigation targeting top former FBI officials, including McCabe, led by Jeffrey Jensen, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri.

“All they did was swapped out a loser case for starting an investigation that is going to be of Comey, McCabe, Pete Strzok,” Weissmann told MSNBC host Chuck Todd.

All three Weissmann named were involved in the 2016 government coup attempt to accuse the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians to win the election.

We now know that there was no collusion, and we also know that Weissmann knew this the day he was appointed to run the Special Counsel’s investigation, because it was reported that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr briefed a bunch of people at the DOJ and FBI that the Steele dossier shouldn’t be used, because Christopher Steele was not a reliable source and the dossier was loaded with garbage, but Weissmann went on with the investigation that lasted over two years anyway.

So, Weissmann is claiming there’s some funny business going on at the DOJ with Bill Barr, even though the reality of it is that Barr appointed Jensen, the top federal prosecutor in St. Louis, to work with Brandon Van Grack on the Flynn case, a month after Flynn filed to withdraw his guilty plea in Mueller’s investigation.

This was due to new information showing the former Trump national security adviser was setup by Comey, McCabe and Strzok.

Weissmann said Jensen’s appointment was “interesting” considering that the judge presiding over the Flynn case rejected claims that Flynn was set up by the FBI after seeing the facts about the underlying investigation.

“What I would love to know is what the factual predicate, given that Judge Sullivan has found nothing there,” Weissmann said.  Again, it’s not that the judge found nothing there.

The judge didn’t even go there, because Flynn didn’t have the right to bring it up.

What I would love to know is how Weissmann would answer under oath exactly when he realized that there was no Russian collusion in the Trump campaign, and why did he continue to run the investigation if he knew the whole thing was bogus.

You have to take everything he says with a grain of salt.


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