Misguided Coronavirus Prevention Attempt Sees Hundreds Poison Themselves to Death in Iran

An Iranian doctor says that about 480 people have died and another 2,850 have become gravely ill from drinking methanol, which is an industrial alcohol under the mistaken belief that alcohol and honey cures DTMNBN. (Disease That Must Not Be Named)

On social media a story was retweeted about a British school teacher who cured herself with the honey and alcohol method.

It is illegal to sell or buy alcohol in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Republic government took over from them Shah of Iran thanks to Jimmy Carter.

But citizens have been buying bootleg whiskey for their drinking enjoyment.

The doctors in Iran are frantic as they deal with the epidemic of DTMNBN and alcohol poisoning at the same time.

People knew that alcohol based hand sanitizers was good for keeping your hands sanitized and so they figured that alcohol must do the same for the insides.

This is why it’s dangerous to self medicate. Look at the couple who ate fish tank cleaner because it had a small dose of an ingredient said to prevent or cure DTMNBN.

From The Western Journal

This remedy rumor came from forwarded messages on social media accounts falsely suggesting people had been cured of the coronavirus with whiskey and honey, citing a tabloid story about a British school teacher who had done so, according to the AP.

This story combined with messages about the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to kill the virus led many to believe drinking high-proof alcohol would do the same inside their bodies.

The rumors led people to start drinking bootlegged alcohol containing methanol, which has no scent or taste in drinks.

Methanol can cause delayed organ and brain damage, chest pain, nausea, hyperventilation, blindness and coma, according to the AP.

Hassanian told the news outlet that in some provinces, the number of people poisoned by the bootlegged alcohol has exceeded the number of people with COVID-19.


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