Media Silent After Muslim Teen Carries Out Fatal Attack On Classmates In Florida

They always say what goes around comes around.

Karma always finds a way to untangle itself, and if your patient enough you will be hit hard. Just recently in Palm beach County Florida, just north of Broward County where the Parkland shooting took place, there was another tragic crime. The Palm Beach Post reported that a young Muslim teen said his faith led him to stab a boy and kill him on his 13th birthday.

The young Muslim Jupiter teen also injured two other people that were at the party that night in Ballen Isles Country Club. The boy named Corey Johnson, 17 years-old was arrested after he confessed to stabbing the three innocent people while he was hanging out at his friends house in the community off PGA Boulevard. Honestly, what is going on with the parenting in America. It seems all the teens are going off the rocker. Something needs to be done, and it starts at the home and how these kids are being raised in America.

According to americanewscentral:

He faces one murder and two attempted-murder charges in the stabbings. The FBI also is investigating the attacks.

Also Tuesday, Judge Daliah H. Weiss ordered Johnson be held in a juvenile detention center while a grand jury decides whether to charge him as an adult in the killing. Friends and family of the victims packed the juvenile courtroom Tuesday afternoon for the brief hearing.

Johnson, who police said recently withdrew from William T. Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, told authorities he woke up at about 4 a.m. Monday at his friend Kyle Bancroft’s home. He decided to kill Kyle’s mother, Elaine Simon; Kyle’s brother, Dane, 13; and Dane’s friend, Jovanni Sierra, 13, while they slept, he said. Dane reportedly had “made fun of” Johnson’s Islamic faith, the teen said, according to the police report. Jovanni Sierra, who turned 13 on Monday, referred to celebrities as “gods,” Johnson said. That upset him because it is contrary to the Islamic faith to idolize others as a god, he said.

Johnson and Kyle watched violent jihadist videos Sunday night, they said. Johnson stabbed Jovanni Sierra and slit his throat with a knife he had brought with him to the house. Johnson said he read the Quran before going to the house. He turned to the Muslim holy book “to give him courage to carry out his intentions,” according to an arrest report.”

Just as with the Parkland, Florida, Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, this incident hits close to home. We lived in Palm Beach Gardens in PGA National which is just across the Florida Turnpike from Ballen Isles. I’ve been to Ballen Isles on countless occasions for events, and let me tell you, this is not what anyone would have dreamed could happen there…just as in Parkland. Now, of course my addressing this issue is going to bring upon me denigrating responses, such as “Islamophobe,” but I have no fear of Islam, so that moniker is inappropriately used.

As it was with Nikolas Cruz, will it be in this case? When it comes to Cruz, it seems the liberal progressive media has dismissed the issue of mental illness. Now, in this case with Corey Johnson, will they dismiss the issue of his chosen faith, and the violence it inspired? I’m waiting for the CNN town hall. And ask yourself, where were the adults as these young people watched violent jihadist videos? As well, what were these videos still doing accessible on social media, I suppose You Tube?

Will Governor Scott now sign into law a legislative measure that restricts 17 to 20-year-old individuals from being able to have a knife? When will there be calls for a ban on knives from the progressive socialist left. Are there going to be boycotts of any retailers who sell knives? Will there be any castigation of Islam as a “terrorist organization” or any condemnation of the violence Islamic jihadist videos inspired?

Something tells me, nyet…oh, that’s Russian for “no.”

And why not? Why won’t we confront and deal with this issue with the same vehement purpose as we’ve seen with condemning firearms, law-abiding, legal gun owners, and the National Rifle Association? No, no one will dare take a stand against the violence of Islamic jihadism. Remember it was an Islamic jihadist, Omar Mateen, also from South Florida, who massacred over 50 people at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. And somehow, President Barack Obama and the left still made it about…wait for it…yes, gun control.

Nikolas Cruz had been expelled from Stoneman Douglas High School. Corey Johnson had recently withdrawn from Wm. T Dwyer High School — anyone notice a pattern? Why did he withdraw, what were the indicators and warning signs? Had Johnson exhibited any violent behaviors previously that went unreported? When did Johnson convert to Islam, and what mosque did he attend? Asking those questions, and getting the answers, are pertinent to this investigation, lest we desire a repeat. Even if we were to dismiss this as just a kid gone crazy, did anyone notice a change in his mental state?

Wanting to kill someone has nothing to do with the tool used…it is all about the motivation within. Nikolas Cruz chose a firearm. Corey Johnson chose a knife. They are both killers, demonic in their intent to bring about premeditated harm to innocent people. So what if someone “made fun of” Johnson’s faith? Did VP Mike Pence go apoplectic, or any Christian for that matter, when Joy Behar publicly, on The View declared Christianity as a mental illness? No, that is not how reasoned people react, just as persecuted Christian business persons seek their day in court as a response to challenges to their faith.

It will be interesting to see how much coverage this receives from the liberal progressive media. I say, very little, but karma has somehow struck, sadly, to challenge them…and evidence their hypocrisy.

Lastly, Corey Johnson should be tried as an adult. He made a very adult decision in converting to Islam, and another one in deciding to slit the throat of an innocent young American…and stab others.

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