Maxine Waters Flips Her ****, Goes On Unhinged Rant Directed Against Trump ‘Stop Congratulating Yourself. You’re A Failure!’

Opinion|  Maxine Waters never, ever, ever, ever, ever, passes up an opportunity to ramp up the rhetoric and whip up her base against President Trump.

It seems that the Californian Congresswoman is always trying to dunk on Trump, regardless of the facts, and even when he does what she wants him to do.

On Monday the Congresswoman tweeted:

‘Trump, since you destroyed the WH unit designed to plan for pandemics like , you need to stop being duplicitous about the DPA & get more corps to develop masks, respirators, & everything needed to protect hospital workers trying to save lives. Get your act together!’

Perhaps she missed this tweets from the President:

‘Invoke “P” means Defense Production Act!’

Newsweek explained:

‘Trump announced Friday that he had invoked the Defense Production Act, which the government can use to impel manufacturers to make medical equipment for the fight against coronavirus.

“We’ve used it three or four times,” Trump said during the coronavirus stimulus package bill signing in the Oval Office. “I’ve pulled it back three times because the companies came through in the end. They didn’t need the act. It’s been great leverage.”‘

Yes, this is for ventilators, not the production of masks …. but what about the sterilization of masks?

Around noon on the 29th Trump Tweeted the need to approve equipment which is capable of sterilizing the much needed N95 masks:

About ten hours later:


Then there was the iconic ‘My Pillow’ founder, Mike Lindell.  Mr. Lindell announced yesterday that he would be moving 75% of his factories operating capacity to the manufacturing of masks for the pandemic. To be clear, this announcement came after Max’s tweet, however, I think it is reasonable to assume the discussions concerning the plan were already being discussed:

The media went nuts over this.

Then there was this:

Then earlier today:

Ms. Waters’ rant continued:

‘Trump, stop congratulating yourself! You’re a failure & you’ve mishandled this disaster! You’re not knowledgeable & you don’t know more than experts & generals. Your ignorance & incompetence are appalling & you continue to demonstrate that every time you open your mouth!’

The reason Dr. Fauci has become a ‘TV star’ is because Trump is listening to the experts and has deferred to them, abandoning his goal of avoiding a complete and total economic disaster by reopening the nation for business by Easter.

NPR reported:

‘Trump had initially announced 15-day guidelines and said they would be reevaluated. The 15-day period was set to end Monday, and the president had suggested the recommendations could be relaxed. But on Sunday, Trump said the guidelines will continue to ask Americans to socially distance until April 30. Trump said the plans to prolong the social distancing guidelines will be formalized Tuesday.’

‘Trump, so now you’re expanding the social distancing order? Another correction b/c of your ignorant hunches. You said we’d be safe by Easter! Experts always have to clean up after your “hunches.” Keep your hunches 2 yourself & don’t waste experts’ time correcting your stupidity!’

Even when President Trump does what Maxine thinks is right she still attacks him.  It has become clear that she does not want what is best for America, she wants political power.

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