Watch: Maxine Waters Completely Uncloaks, Showing Exactly Who Her Owners Are: The Rich Elite Who Attend Fancy Parties & Throw Money At Dems

OPINION|  Mark Sidney|  I thought it had been unusually long before I had seen Mad Max's mug floating around the interwebs …

Unfortunately for us, it looks like she is back in the news. However, unfortunately for her, the reason why she's relevant again is not going to make her very happy.

Now, we all know that the Democrat party is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  The DNC loves to pander to the down trodden with promises of ‘free' stuff, stolen (at gun point, or at least under the threat of the government's gun if you do not fork over your hard earned income) from your neighbors.

The Democrat party also loves to tell everyone how they can not succeed and how it is all those ‘evil white people' and ‘evil rich people's' fault. Divide and conquer is their business, and if you take a look around, business is good … for Democrats selling civil strife, hate and division.

What really gets me is how brazen and bold some Democrats are when it comes to pandering to their monopoly men benefactors.

Take Mad Maxine Waters for instance.  Maxine Waters has made herself a career out of railing against the rich … in front of the cameras.  When she is not throwing the people who built America and keep our economy going under the bus, she is attending their parties with her purse wide open looking for their ‘donations', likely in exchange for some sort of legislative favor in return.

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The American Lookout reported:

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