Man Arrested Outside White House…Threatened to Kill President Trump

Police arrested a man carrying a knife after he said he wanted to kill President Donald Trump.

Does anyone know where Adam Schiff or the whistleblower were today? Just checking.

Roger Hedgpeth, 25, allegedly told a U.S. Secret Service officer on 15th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW that he had a knife on him and he wanted assassinate the President.

WaPo reports that Hedgeth said, “I am here to assassinate President Donald Trump.” The police say that the man may have a mental condition.

That leads me to believe that the man was a Democrat suffering from Trump Derangement syndrome.

Ever since he began running for President, the leftist goons suddenly became more radical and violent. Especially in Portland where the mayor and the police are content to allow them to do as they wish.

Since President Trump took office, there have been some strange happenings near the White House… including a man who had his guns confiscated. That man, as it turns out, ended up being the Waffle House shooter.

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From The Daily Caller

Washington, D.C. police arrested a man carrying a knife outside the White House Saturday after he allegedly expressed a desire to kill President Donald Trump.

Roger Hedgpeth, 25, allegedly told a U.S. Secret Service officer on 15th and Pennsylvania Ave. NW that he wanted to assassinate the president and had a knife with him, according to the Associated Press.

Last April, a man lit himself on fire outside of the White House and was apprehended by Secret Service.

In 2017, a Texas man was arrested around the White House after he allegedly traveled to Washington to kill “white police.”

Maybe President Trump should have done what Barack Obama did and take out assassination insurance.

That's why he picked Joe Biden to be his Vice President.

No one in or out of their right mind would assassinate Obama and make Biden president and neither should the voters in this country.Obama won't even endorse him.

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