Low IQ Maxine Waters Says Trump Will ‘Get Worse’ And Predicts Putin Invited To White House To Interfere

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Kasie DC,” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) raged on President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr in a long-winded rant that was much ado about nothing.

Waters is now affirming conspiracy theories that Barr criticizing the president’s tweets is an attempt to “trick” everyone.  Trick everyone about what?

She went on to predict that Trump will “get worse” now that he has been acquitted of impeachment in the Senate.

She even went so far as to say that Trump will “bring” Russian President Vladimir Putin “into the White House to continue to interfere.”

Waters suffers from Trump Derangement System (TDS) at a Level 7, which is the highest recorded level known.

She is deranged.

She’s acting as if Trump was impeached over the phony Russian collusion delusion that the Democrats manufactured, even though he wasn’t charged with that in the impeachment articles, and even though Robert Mueller’s special counsel report on Russian collusion showed there was absolutely no evidence that Russian collusion ever happened with Trump or his campaign.

“The president does not believe that there are any reigns on him, that he can do whatever he wants to do,” Waters told the MSNBC host. “And that’s exactly what he’s doing, and he’s going to get worse since he was basically not indicted, not charged with obstruction of justice in the impeachment trials. He’s going to get worse now. This president is going to do everything from bring Putin into the White House to continue to interfere. And don’t worry, he’s going to pardon [Michael] Flynn eventually, pardon Roger Stone eventually. This president is out of control.”

The California Congresswoman is losing it.  She’s resorting to rhetoric that is unbecoming of a member of Congress.  This line of there wasn’t a real trial is bogus on the face of it.  We all witnessed the Senate impeachment trial.  We all were bored to tears for over 21 hours listening to the House Managers read off the testimony of their witnesses and documents obtained during their impeachment inquiry, first the unconstitutional phony one in Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) Intelligence Committee, and then the one in Jerry Nadler’s (D-NY) Judiciary Committee, both of which were rigged against the president.

Waters, like all other Democrats, makes claims of things like Trump is “going to get worse” without ever mentioning worse at what?  What exactly is the president doing that he needs to be reigned in?

From where I sit, the president is making America great again, and he’s doing it lawfully.  In fact, dare I say that this president has intentionally stayed within the limitations of Article II more than any other president in my lifetime.  It’s why he’s a breath of fresh air for those of us who love our country.

What Democrats are afraid of is Trump, the outsider president, exposing the DC swamp for the plethora of corruption that has taken place for a hundred years, with Maxine there for most of it.  That corruption was at their financial gain and at the expense of average working-class American families who saw their jobs go overseas.


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