BOMBSHELL SEX ALLEGATIONS!!: OPRAH’S Hopes For 2020 Presidential Run Instantly DEMOLISHED!

Shocking revelation comes to light and exposes Oprah Winfrey as a pimp for Harvey Weinstein.

Currently male politicians and celebrities alike stand accused of sexual misconduct, but it was Harvey Weinstein's sexual exploitation that opened the proverbial flood gates and apparently he wasn't working alone. According to Kadian Noble, Weinstein used women like Oprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell to coerce young aspiring actresses to trust him and ‘open up' with the promise of career advancement, only to realize that the only advancing to occur would be that of a sexual nature.

Via Freedom Daily:

In a new stunning report, British actress Kadian Noble has charged the talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, with failing to warn her about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual deviancy and even prodded Noble to speak with him to advance her career. Noble claims that Winfrey also went as far as to say that she could trust Weinstein and even praised the serial rapist alongside former supermodel Naomi Campbell knowing full well that he would sexually assault her.

Here is more from Page Six:


British actress Kadian Noble said Tuesday she was head-over-heels impressed when she first met Weinstein at an event in London because he was hanging out with model Campbell and had megastar Oprah “swinging off his arm.”


“I thought, obviously, this man has something amazing in store for me,” she said during a teary-eyed press conference in Manhattan to discuss the sex trafficking lawsuit she filed a day earlier against Weinstein in Manhattan federal court.

Instead, Weinstein used promises of career advancement to lure the actress to his hotel room in Cannes, France, where he forced himself on her, she said.

After meeting Weinstein in London, Noble said she thought nothing of bringing her “show reel” to his hotel room when she saw him again in Cannes in February 2014.

Once inside the hotel room, however, “he didn’t seem that interested in my show reel,” Noble said.

Instead, he began touching her while discussing hooking her up with a modeling agency in London.

“He said, ‘I need to know you really like me,’” Nobel said. “’I have all the information we need. I just need to know you really like me.’”

The incident ended in the bathroom, where he “forced” Noble to perform sex acts in front of the bathroom mirror, she said.

It has been made clear that men in Hollywood are taking advantage of their ‘power' in order to procure sexual favors from unwilling partners but there's no way that men are the only guilty Party as women are just as capable of this behavior and the revelation of Oprah Winfrey's ‘blind eye' when it came to Harvey Weinstein's sexual advances makes that abundantly clear.

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