Just In: Three Dems Including Rep. Jayapal, Sammed With Ethics Complaints, Bloomberg Group Implicated

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  I am beginning to see why no one would dare look into the corruption in Washington, and that of previous administrations, until Trump came along.

Just look what has happened to President Trump ever since he even began running for President and promising to expose government corruption and graft, he, and everyone who helped him get into office, have been the target of investigations, witch hunts and coups.

From our research it seems that Washington has become so corrupt, with both sides of the isle involved, that it would be nearly impossible to garner a consensus to investigate the crimes of anyone in DC, for the simple reason that nearly everyone has their hands in the cookie jar.

Because the corruption is so rampant, the only people who are being investigated with the full force and might of the USG are the very people who want to stop the systematic theft our or money, rights and national sovereignty.

While there are certainly plenty of Republicans on the take, it appears that the Democrat party has devolved into a political cartel of sorts.

It is not just the previous administration and it's leadership either.  The rank and file House Dems appear to be dirty as the day is long as well.

In case you needed another example, Fox News is reporting:

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