Jerry Nadler Is SHOOK, Sends Desperate Letter To AG Barr Demanding To Know Why The DOJ Is Looking Into Ukrainian Evidence Rudy Provided

OPINION| Mark Sidney|  I have to admit, I am getting pretty excited about the new course that the Trump admin has begun to chart ever since impeachment.

For far too long Trump, and those of us seeking to restore American exceptionalism through a MAGA platform, have been the ones taking the punches, now, it seems that we are finally getting our chance to land some of our own.

As we reported earlier, one of the President's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has been collecting evidence of Ukrainian/American corruption by bad actors in the previous administration.

As of yesterday it is being reported that AG Barr is now in possession of Rudy's files and is sorting through them in order to see if the leads are legit or not.

I'm guessing that the Dems know what Rudy has and they also know that if a honest prosecutor gets his hands on that evidence, those who were doing dirt in Ukraine are going to be in deeeeeeep ****.

Democrat Rep from New York, Jerry Nadler, has sent a letter to Barr demanding to know what the Attorney General would dare to receive evidence from an officer of the court (Rudy Giuliani Esq) ‘outside of the normal channels.’

Via Axios:

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