ITALY REVOLTS: Is This the End of the European Union?

Italy has been hard hit by the DTMNBN. (Disease That Must Not Be Named) The European Union is supposed to help in cases like this but Italy thinks that Germany is being tight fisted and they are not aiding Italy.

This is not something that will happen overnight, but as countries bow out of the EU, they will eventually have to break up the coalition.

Britain has already taken the steps and have left the EU. Other countries that may see it is to their advantage to bail on the agreement. Italy of course, Hungary and possibly France. France is the biggie.

On Saturday, a European flag was taken down and burned to demonstrate their anger:


The one issue that could break up the EU is immigrants. As countries place restrictions on travel and once again are protecting their borders. When the DTMNBN has run it’s course, many nations may decide to continue to control their borders despite the open border policy of the EU.

From The Gateway Pundit

As countries start enforcing their borders again, the Corona pandemic threatens to spell the end of the globalist EU project. While Italians start burning EU flags, the EU court threatens to punish Eastern European states for successfully enforcing their borders and protecting their people.

“The Vice-President of the Deputys’ Chamber Fabio Rampelli removes the European flag: A message to Europe that let Italy down in its times of need. Europe must decide whether it wants to exist or dissolve under the weight of German selfishness”, right-wing Brothers of Italy leader Georgia Meloni twittered on March 31, as many Italians started sharing viral videos burning the EU flag.

As Italy became the hardest-hit country in the world in the Corona outbreak, with 14.681 dead so far, many Italians felt left alone by an EU that is usually quick to exhort “solidarity” when it comes to Open Borders and illegal mass immigration. On March 12, European Central Bank head Christine Lagarde effectively tanked Italian markets, saying the ECB was “not here to close spreads” on Italian bonds, sending the Italian stock exchange plummeting 17% and Italian bonds up 60 points, the biggest crash ever.

On the same day, the European Court of Justice sentenced Italy to pay €7.5 million in fines and an additional €80 000 for every day it was not paid over alleged subsidy violations – just as the Corona crisis was overwhelming Italy and neighboring EU countries like Austria were closing the borders to their southern neighbor.

“We need to rethink the role of Europe once the health battle has been won”, said Matteo Salvini, head of the Lega party. “The EU is all words, and no action. All these European rules need to be reviewed. In recent years, Europe actually made us close hospitals and schools. Then, in our hour of need, the citizens of Italy realized we are on our own.”

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