Inspector General Releases Devastating Report: Comey Guilty of ‘Unauthorized Disclosure of Sensitive Investigative Information in Order to Achieve a Personally Desired Outcome’

Speculation, Interpretation, Opinion and analysis of our one and only Elder Patriot:

The Justice Department Inspector General, as part of its investigation of the FISA abuse that it conducted into the attempt to frame Donald Trump, found former FBI Director James Comey’s actions so egregious that he wrote a separate 83-page report solely focused on Comey’s wrongdoing.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz excoriates Comey for making ‘unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information in order to achieve a personally desired outcome.’

The OIG determined that rather than handle the disposition of classified information in a dispassionate manner, as Comey had previously told both Congress and President Trump was mandated by established FBI regulations and protocols, the disgraced former director leaked sensitive information for political reasons.

  1. Conclusion

The Office of Inspector General concluded by making a criminal referral to Main Justice.  

The DOJ already decided not to seek an indictment of Comey suggesting that the larger, and significantly more important, FISA abuse investigation has turned up damning evidence of more widespread illegalities at the FBI and DOJ.

That, or our system of jurisprudence has forever been compromised while under the control of the Obama administration.

More to come….

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