A man suspected of murdering three people in Virginia led police on a foot chase and attacked an innocent bystander all while naked, in one of the craziest videos you’ll see all week.

Insane footage shows police capture 18-year-old Matthew Thomas Bernard after he came out of the woods wearing no clothing and ran towards officers, while at the same time attacking a groundskeeper at a Baptist church.

Bernard is suspected of killing his mother, sister and one-year-old nephew.

According to The Washington Post, Bernard’s sister, Emily Marie Bivens, was “the wife, son and mother-in-law of Blake Bivens, a 24-year-old pitcher for the Montgomery Biscuits, the Class AA affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.”

Bernard faces three charges of first-degree murder.

WDBJ7 reports he is under suicide watch and that his motives are unclear.



  • That one police officer was useless. When the naked idiot attacked the groundskeeper of the church,he couldpve brought him down then and he just stood there.

    • I totally agree with your comment. After this idiot went after the groundskeeper, the least this cop could’ve done was to taser him…but no…just went on chasing after him. Guess he liked seeing the guy’s danglies flopping around.

  • Was this young man on drugs? Perhaps he is demonized as are some leftist demented Democrats today.

  • I guess all you have to do to make the Virginia police run the other way, is to have your ding-dong dangling in the wind!

  • I’m betting that he was under the care of a psychiatrist and had been prescribed psychotropic drugs. If so, the psychiatrist should be held accountable and punished for the crimes that Bernard committed.

  • What kind of FUCKING Morons do these people have for Cops??????? A possible dangerous moron runs from a overweight out of shape cop that lets this idiot attack a civilian and does virtually nothing to stop him????? Should have shot the asshole before it got to that point. Too bed the civilian didn’t have a ccw and a gun. I would have shot the Bastard or at the very least took out my knife and gutted the Fucking Idiot.

  • the cop appears to be carrying an ar15 . . . why didn’t he use it.


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